Monday, March 15, 2010

Museum closed next week

The Royale will be closed next Sunday, March 21, so no museum. A much-needed new floor is being installed behind the bar (we'll also be closed on Monday and Tuesday the 22nd and 23rd). But do stop by the following Sunday, March 28. It'll be the last go for this menu (below). I haven't started to play much with the next menu, but it will undoubtedly feature a good number of egg drinks in honor of Jesus Bunny Day.

Last night was quite a ripper. I need to remember to bring my camera and post some photos. So far the most popular drinks from this month's menu are the Lion's Tail, Florodora, Mai Tai and Pisco Sour - those last two I think because it's one people have actually heard of. And I do have actual Peruvian bitters (Amargo) to go with the Pisco Sour. I'm a little disappointed that few have tried the 20th Century Cocktail (Beefeater, Lillet, lemon juice and creme de cacao with a twist) - it's beautiful and sublime, and despite the solid half ounce of cacao, still more tart than sweet. Give it a shot!

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