Sunday, June 20, 2010

Exhibit #34: Drinks for Dads

There aren't a whole lot of drinks that call out Dad by name - none that I could find, actually - but these do evoke Dad-ism to some degree:

The Automobile $6
Gin, lemon juice, ginger ale, and mint, on the rocks. Of late 19th century derivation, when the horseless carriage was still a novelty.

Double Standard Sour $6
Rye whiskey (Old Overholt), Old Tom gin, lime juice, raspberry syrup, up. The name and the ingredients of the drink refer to the old debate about backing US currency with either silver (gin) or gold (whiskey).

Free Silver Fizz $6
Old Tom gin, a little funky rum (Pusser's), club soda, milk, a little lemon juice and simple syrup, up. Another late 19th century drink that references monetary policy debates of the time. Number 10 in our 100 Fizz countdown.

The Jupiter $6
Father of the Gods. Gin and dry vermouth with a little OJ and Parfait Amour (a purple, sweet French liqueur with notes of orange and marshmallow). Essentially a wet martini with some unique high notes, rarely offered because of that obscure but necessary final ingredient.

Sabbath Calm $7
Cognac, port wine, coffee, egg, cream, a little sugar and a dusting of nutmeg, up. An amazing drink from the Old Waldorf bar.

The Stinger $7
3:1 cognac and creme de menthe, up, and present here because it was my dad's favorite after-dinner drink. This drink is associated with Reginald Vanderbilt (Dad to Gloria), and may have even been created by him. For many years he religiously held a cocktail hour, doing the honors himself, and the Stinger was his go-to drink. As a result, the Stinger always had a high society / upper crust aura, and appealed to those who had pretentions in that regard (hi, Dad!). In the parlance of the day, a stinger was 'a quick blow to the head.'

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