Saturday, August 28, 2010

Exhibit #39: Fizz 201

For this round of drinks we'll be concentrating on second-line fizzes... a bit more obscure, but not unknown during the fizz's century-straddling heyday. Herewith, numbers 14 through 18 in our 100 Fizz Countdown, along with a fine Don the Beachcomber rum rhapsody and a bonus cocktail with a killer name. Menu good for 8/29 and 9/5.

Grenadine Fizz $6
Old Tom gin, lemon juice, syrup and club soda (the fizz template), along with grenadine (pomegranate syrup) and milk, up.

Murdock Fizz $5
A specialty of the old Waldorf bar, named for one of their regulars. Wild Turkey rye whiskey, water, lemon peels and club soda. Unusually for a Fizz, this one includes some ice.

Peach Blow Fizz $8
Pictured. Peach slices muddled in a bit of syrup, dry gin (Beefeater), cream, lemon juice and club soda, up. There are a variety of recipes for this one, many substituting grenadine or muddled strawberries for the peaches because of that fruit's limited availability at the time, especially in Europe. But from the name alone it's clear what fruit is supposed to be employed in this drink.

Royal Fizz $7
This one was pretty well known and belongs to the inner egg-circle of the fizz family. While its brethren the Silver Fizz and the Golden Fizz employ egg white or yolk alone, the Royal Fizz uses the entire egg in conjunction with the basic fizz recipe (Old Tom, lemon juice, sugar, club soda). Smooth and nutritious!

Sloe Gin Fizz $8
Hallelujah, real Sloe Gin is finally being distributed in Missouri again so we can all experience this iconic drink: sloe gin, lemon juice, syrup, club soda, up.

Test Pilot $10
One of Don the Beachcomber's best known drinks - and like the others, often imitated and known under slightly different names (Jet Pilot, Astronaut). Stronger than a typical drink (consider it a double) but not a Zombie either: dark Jamaican (Appleton 12yr) and light Puerto Rican (Matusalem platino) rums, Falernum, Cointreau, a few drops of Pernod and Angostura bitters and crushed ice. The original 1941 recipe...blast off!

Moll Cocktail $7
With a name like this, how can you go wrong? Dry gin (Beefeater), sloe gin, dry vermouth, a little sugar and orange bitters, up.

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