Saturday, February 12, 2011

Exhibit #52: Boozy Valentines

Cupid Cocktail $7
Some like it hot! Here we have the venerable Sherry Flip (sherry, egg, sugar) spiced up with a bit of cayenne pepper. Of British derivation circa Prohibition. Served up.

Have a Heart $7
Dry gin, Swedish Punsch (lemon, tea & spice-infused blend of rum & Arrack), lime juice and pomegranate syrup. A variation on the Doctor Cocktail – identical but sweetened just a little bit with traditional grenadine. Served up.

Honeymoon $8
Another from the Café Royal archives: Calvados (French apple brandy), Benedictine, Grand Marnier, and lemon juice, up. Heavenly.

Pink Rose $8
Dry gin with a little bit of lemon juice, pomegranate syrup, cream and egg white, up.

Poet’s Dream $7
Probably the closest thing to a well-known drink on this list…not that it ever really was, but you may actually find this in a couple modern books. Recipes for this one vary wildly; we’ll be going with the more dry version as served at the old Waldorf bar. Essentially an old-school Martini (2:1 with orange bitters), with a wee bit of Benedictine. If you’ve never enjoyed the Martini, this may make you change your mind. Slightly sweet, but not lacking for a moment in complexity.

Strawberries and Cream $6.50
Delicious, light, and frothy: dry gin, cream, grenadine and grated chocolate, up. It indeed tastes likes its name despite the absence of actual strawberries – booze magic!

Tango Cocktail no. 2 $6.50
Like the Poet’s Dream, there are a few versions of this one and the drink has managed to return in a small way to the public consciousness. Equal parts gold rum, Benedictine, orange juice, sweet and dry vermouths, up with an orange twist. A great nightcap – plenty of hoochy flavors, but a lower alcohol payload than most cocktails. From the old Waldorf bar.

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