Sunday, October 16, 2011

Exhibit #80: The Pen and the Shaker

Inspiration Cocktail $9
Equal parts calvados (French apple brandy), Grand Marnier, gin, and dry vermouth, up.
Drink ON.
If this doesn’t inspire you, it may be time to visit a 12 step group.

Journalist Cocktail $8
A Perfect Martini (containing both sweet and dry vermouths) with accents of lemon juice and orange curacao, and a dash of Angostura, up.

Mayfair Cocktail $8
2 parts gin to 1 part each apricot liqueur and orange juice, and a dash of Allspice Dram, up.
We don’t have a Maypole, but you can dance if you want to.

Peter Pan Cocktail $7
Equal parts gin, orange juice, and dry vermouth with a generous amount of peach bitters, up.
Sorry, no, you can’t fly….but it is a swell nightcap.

Robert Burns $7
A nice Rob Roy variation: scotch whisky, red vermouth, orange bitters, and a dash of absinthe, up.

Sir Walter $9
Top shelf cognac and rum (Martell VSOP and Matusalem Gran Reserva) with a bit of lemon juice, orange curacao and pomegranate syrup, up.
I’m not sure which Sir Walter, or if he ever took pen to paper, but this cocktail is plenty eloquent.

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