Friday, May 25, 2012

Exhibit #22.1: On the Rocks

Memorial Day weekend is a fine time for some cooling drinks, especially since it seems to be marking the beginning of a full-on Saint Louis summer. Cool off with any of these fine old-school beverages, each prepared in its original guise:

Florodora $7
A wonderful fad drink from 1900, named for a racy Broadway show of the time. Plymouth gin, lime juice, ginger ale, and raspberry syrup, on the rocks.
Joe Rickey $7 / Gin Rickey $7
Joe Rickey was a Confederate veteran from Keokuk, Missouri, shady financial speculator, gambler, and an active Democratic lobbyist. The drink that bears his name was a big hit in the late 19th century, and is still asked for today. We’re serving two versions: Joe’s (rye whiskey, lemon, soda, crushed ice) and what became the more popular incarnation (Old Tom gin, lime, soda, crushed ice). In either case, you get a tart, unsweetened cooling drink with a 19th century sized portion of booze.

Knickerbocker $8
Gold rum, lime juice, Grand Marnier, raspberry syrup, crushed ice. A fad drink of the 1850s that managed to stay in circulation for a few decades. Of NY state derivation, naturally. A flavor profile not unlike a Mai Tai, just a century earlier.

Mamie Taylor $6
Another Broadway drink from the turn of the last century. Black Bottle scotch, lime juice, and spicy ginger beer, on the rocks. Several decades later vodka replaced the scotch and this became the Moscow Mule, still called for today.

Mexican Firing Squad $13
A double pour of silver tequila (Aguila), half as much lime juice, some pomegranate syrup, Angostura, crushed ice, fruit, tall. As served at La Cucaracha bar in Mexico City, 1930s.

Le Roffignac $7
Cognac, homemade raspberry syrup and club soda on the rocks. Count Louis Philippe de Roffignac was a French exile, hero of the Battle of New Orleans, progressive mayor of the city from 1820-1828 as well as a ten term state senator. He liked his cognac with a little raspberry and bubbles. This may be New Orleans' oldest drink.

Vieux Carré $8
A specialty of New Orleans' Carousel Lounge from a century ago: rye whiskey (Rittenhouse), cognac (Martell VSOP), dry vermouth, Benedictine, Angostura and Peychaud's bitters, on the rocks.

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