Friday, August 17, 2012

Exhibit #109: Fortified Wines, pt. II. With 2 tiki digressions.

Apple Byrrh $8
Busnel calvados (apple brandy), Byrrh quinquina, dry vermouth, and a dab of lemon juice, up.

Byrrh Special $9
Equal parts Byrrh quinquina and Old Raj dry gin, up.

The Melody $8
2 parts dry gin to 1 part each Lillet blanc and passion fruit juice, dash with Cointreau and calvados, up.

Salome Cocktail $10
Equal parts red vermouth (Carpano) and Dubonnet, dashed with absinthe, up. From the Old Waldorf bar, late 19th century.

Salers Gentiane $5.50
Salers on the rocks with a lemon twist.
Not a named cocktail per se, rather we are directing your attention to another new-to-Missouri fine, old French aperitif, this one flavored with bitter gentian root.

*   *   *

Queen’s Road Cocktail $7
Gold Puerto Rican rum, lime and orange juices, honey, ginger syrup and Angostura, up. An early Don the Beachcomber effort, circa 1930s.

Saturn $8
Dry gin, lemon juice, orgeat and passion fruit syrups, falernum, and crushed ice. By J. “Popo” Galsini, a well-respected barman in many a Polynesian restaurant in 1960s southern California. This drink was a finalist in the 1967 IBA worldwide cocktail competition.

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