Saturday, September 15, 2012

Exhibit #113: Cafe Royal Roulette

We'll be doing something a bit different but hopefully very fun this Sunday. Instead of a set menu, we will have you choose a cocktail at random from the Cafe Royal book, which is simply bursting with unusual and obscure drinks. Test your palate and see if you can figure out what is in your drink....there could be anything in it, from lemon barley water to absinthe to Van der Hum. We will of course choose the most idiomatic bottles when interpreting the recipes, so the drinks will be tasty. Imagine, a friend meets you at the bar and asks, "what are you drinking?" And you say, "erm, I dunno, a cup of cold booze!!" It doesn't get any better than this kids.. join us for a cocktail adventure like you've never had before.

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