Saturday, October 6, 2012

Exhibit #116: ¡Olé!

Maybe it's the rain and cooler weather that has us in a frame of mind to think of warmer places - hence tonight's drinks, which all draw inspiration or ingredients from the Iberian peninsula. If you can't hop a flight to Sevilla, this may be the next best thing.

Andalucia Cocktail $8
Sherry, a bit of cognac and rum, dash of Angostura, up.

Barcelona Fizz $8
Gin and sherry with a bit of lime juice, sugar, club soda, up. #68 in the fizz countdown.

Bizzy Izzy Hiball $6
Equal parts bourbon and sherry with a dash of lemon juice, club soda, on the rocks.

Crescent Cocktail $8
Equal parts bourbon, Carpano Antica vermouth, and Amer Picon, dashed with raspberry syrup, up.

Cuban Cocktail $10
2 parts cognac to 1 part each lime juice and apricot liqueur, up. Another surefire Sidecar variation.

The Preserver $9
Carpano Antica vermouth with a bit of anisette and curacao, dashed with absinthe and old-fashioned bitters, up. From our old friend The Only William, late 19th century.

Olé Cocktail $7
A bit of both gin and vodka sweetened with a little Cointreau, and topped with sparkling wine.

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