Sunday, October 28, 2012

Exhibit #119: Taste the Darkness

That’s right, it’s Helloween again and time for us to mix up some evil cups and dish out the misanthropy. Give it up to the Dark Lord, suck down the corruption and defile thy temple!

Devil’s Own Cocktail $8
Of course he has his own cocktail: equal parts dry gin, dry vermouth and Cointreau, dashed with Angostura, up.

Old Pepper $8
Not quite as delicious as hellfire, but close: rye and bourbon, lemon juice, Tabasco, worcestshire, pepper sauce, up. Burn, baby, burn!

Satan’s Whiskers $8
Equal parts dry gin, red and dry vermouths, orange juice, curacao, orange bitters, up. This is the “curled” version, so I guess we’re dealing with Satan’s pubes here. On your knees, human scum!

Southern Cross $8
2 parts rum to 1 part cognac, lime juice, a dash of curacao, with a little sugar dissolved in mineral water, up. Drink a toast to Dio with this one, cuz “Sign of the Southern Cross” is one of the most badass songs ever.

Vicious Virgin #2 $8
They get so riled up when you try to sacrifice them to Satan…wtf? Throw a few of these down their throats and it’s much easier to cut out their hearts: Rum, tequila, lime and grapefruit juices sweetened with orgeat syrup and blue curacao.

Weeper’s Joy $12
Feeling suicidal? Good. This will give you a nice head start: equal parts absinthe, Carpano vermouth, and kummel liqueur, with a dash of curacao.

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