Saturday, November 10, 2012

Exhibit #121: Cherry, Cherry

The house of Marnier-Lapostolle recently offered a new, limited edition bottling to their line of liqueurs, Grand Marnier Natural Cherry. Given that Grand Marnier’s base is VSOP (and older) cognacs, this new release seems more appropriate for cocktails that call for cherry brandy than the universal go-to, Cherry Heering (also a fine liqueur, but with a neutral spirit base). So we will revisit a couple old drinks which call for cherry brandy, along with several we have not presented before.

Cherry Blossom $11
3 parts Grand Marnier Cherry to 2 parts Martell VSOP cognac with dashes of lemon juice, dry curacao, and pomegranate syrup, up. Boozy, savory, and more on the sweet side. See also the Red Shadow if you enjoy this one.

Cologne-Maiden $9
Equal parts gin, Grand Marnier Cherry, and lemon juice, up. Clearly in the Sidecar/Delilah wheelhouse, pleasantly tart and herbal (ditto the Elephant’s Tail, below). Although of British provenance, its obviously translated name points to it having been invented by a German bartender. I guess he thought “Kölnmädchen” might be too difficult to pronounce?

Eden Special $10
Dry gin, dry vermouth, Grand Marnier Cherry and champagne in a 4:2:1:1 ratio, putting this one on the lighter and drier side.

Elephant’s Tail $8
Dry gin, Grand Marnier Cherry, and lime juice (3:1:1), with a dash of pomegranate syrup, up.

Golfer’s Special Cocktail $9
Two parts dry gin and Grand Marnier cherry to one part lemon juice and Cocchi Americano, with a dash of orange bitters, up. This one has a nice complexity to it, yet remains approachable.

Ox Blood Cocktail $12
Here’s an old favorite, a well-grounded, earthy beast of herbaciousness with a fruity kick: equal parts dry gin, Carpano Antica red vermouth, and Grand Marnier Cherry, with dashes of orange bitters and standard Grand Marnier, up.

Red Shadow $8
Bulleit Rye, Grand Marnier Cherry, and apricot liqueur, up, in a 5:3:2 ratio.

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