Saturday, November 24, 2012

Exhibit #123: Steamin' Hot Cups o' Booze

Rye Whiskey Egg Nogg $8
Ok, this one isn’t warm, but ‘tis that time o’ year. This here is the alternate batch of egg nogg, compounded this past May with a rye whiskey base instead of bourbon, along with a bit of premium rum and cognac, egg yolks, sugar, milk, cream and nutmeg.

Hot Benefactor $7
A warm one from our old pal, the “Only William” Schmidt, late 19th century: 2 parts red wine to 1 part Jamaican rum, sugar, hot water, lemon slice, and freshly grated nutmeg.

Hot Brandy Toddy $10
A bit of demerara sugar, Martell VSOP cognac, hot water, freshly grated nutmeg. An 1856 recipe, though the drink was nearly a century old by that time.

Hot Spiced Rum $9
Jamaican rum, demerara sugar, whole cloves and allspice, butter, and hot water. One of the few very old drinks that has survived relatively unchanged for nearly two centuries.

Jersey Flashlight $8
Lemon peel, Angostura bitters, sugar, hot water, Laird’s bonded straight apple brandy, fire. Also a Schmidt creation.

Scotch Whisky Skin $9
Glenlivet 12yr, demerara sugar, lemon peel, hot water.

A Sure Relief $8
Equal parts cognac and peppermint liqueur, dashed with ginger and raspberry syrups, hot water, lemon peel. Think of it as a slightly fruity and spicy Stinger…but hot. Late 19th century, Schmidt again.

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