Sunday, October 10, 2010

Exhibit #42: 10 Fizzes for 10/10/10

Your basic Fizz (or Fiz, as the oldest recipes spell it) is composed of a full measure of spirit (2 oz. gin, whiskey, rum, brandy), a little lemon juice and sugar, shaken, strained and topped with club soda and served up in a small narrow glass. (Today’s typical ‘juice glass’ is the child of the Fizz glass.) Over time, gin became the dominant spirit in the genre because of its versatility. There are a few rare exceptions, but the beverage is always shaken; this, its smaller size, quick consumption time and the absence of ice differentiates it from a Collins. Its defining quality, as one might intuit from its onomatopoeic name, is the fizzy soda water, not the presence of eggs as some suppose; perhaps only 15-20% included some form of egg, but were among the most popular, especially as hangover cures. From the 1860s and continuing for nearly a century, the Fizz was among the most popular drinks so there are an abundance of Fizz recipes in the canon. Tonight we present 10 more for this special date and they are numbers 20 through 29 in our 100 Fizz Countdown.

A few basic variations:
Albemarle Fizz $6 Hoffman Fizz $6
The Albemarle is a standard Gin Fizz (gin, lemon, sugar, club soda) with a teaspoon of raspberry syrup added after mixing. The Hoffman pulls the same trick with grenadine (pomegranate syrup).

Alabama Fizz $6 Southside Fizz $7
These two add mint to the Fizz template. For the Alabama, a sprig is deployed in the garnish. For the Southside Fizz, the mint is included in the mixing as well, though the leaves are strained out of the drink itself and a fresh sprig garnishes it.

Texas Fizz $7
The Texas increases the amount of lemon juice while also adding orange juice.

Evolved Fizzes:
Derby Fizz $9
Glenlivet scotch, Grand Marnier, a whole egg, lemon juice, sugar and club soda. Given its British provenance, the Derby part of the name more likely refers to the hat rather than the race.

Grand Royal Fizz $7
Beefeater gin, cream, lemon and orange juices, sugar, Maraschino liqueur, and club soda. While not overly sweet, this drink does touch upon the dessert realm.

Imperial Fizz $8
Here a 2:1 mixture of scotch whisky and rum replaces the gin part of a standard fizz. We'll be pouring Glenlivet and Appleton Extra 12yr rum for this to make it appropriately Imperial.

Merry Widow Fizz $8
Authentic sloe gin, lemon and orange juices, sugar, egg white, and club soda.

Orgeat Fizz $5
A non-alcoholic option: orgeat syrup (a French almond cordial, pronounced or-SHOT), lemon juice, and club soda.

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