Saturday, October 23, 2010

Exhibit #43: A Foggy Zoo

Many thanks to Steve for guest curating and Roxanna for bartending last week! Now I'm back and I've got a one-off, almost Halloween menu for this Sunday. Most are of British derivation and come to us from the always wonderful, often odd, Cafe Royal cocktail book.

...Hovering in the ectoplasm...
The Floating Power $8.50
Pictured. Grand Marnier, gin, lemon juice, a dash of rum and egg white, up.

Incognito Cocktail $7
Lillet blanc, cognac, apricot liqueur and Peychaud's bitters, up.

Monk Cocktail $7
Dry gin, Benedictine, and lemon juice, up.

Yellow Mist $7
Dry gin, apricot liqueur, orgeat, and lemon juice, up.

...I see animals. Drunk animals.
Monkey Gland $7
Dry gin and orange juice, with dashes of pomegranate syrup and absinthe, up. The best known drink on this slate, created by expat Harry McElhone at his American Bar in Paris during Prohibition. The drink's name refers to a fad medical procedure, particularly popular in France at that time, which involved transplanting a monkey testicle into a human male. It was believed that the procedure gave patients a bit more joie de vivre and pumped up their sex drives.

Snake in the Grass $7
Equal parts gin, Cointreau, dry vermouth, and lemon juice, up. Not too far removed from a Corpse Reviver #2 in its flavor profile...a little more dry, a little more herbal.

Spider's Web $8
Scotch (JW Black), apricot liqueur, lemon and orange juices, up.

Oct 31 - A very unholy cocktail museum! Kvlt Blacktails & Black Metal Album Sides.
The poison of unlight, its misanthropic clouds swollen with cold hatred, gathers in the northern darkness... waiting on Satan's call to descend and entomb South City, in particular that woefully joyful bar at the corner of Juniata and Kingshighway. It will infect the Cocktail Museum this Helloween armed with icy shakers of doom, Hellthorne strainers, sacrificial cups of wrath, and a stack of old-school black metal records. To accompany these incantations to the end of human infection, we shall offer these frozen blackened spirits, a coven of cocktails - possessed by boozedemons both ancient and grim - to your worthless human palate: the Corpse Reviver #3, Dead Bastard, Fallen Angel, Green Fizz, Green Ghost, Olympia Gold Cup, and Wintersmoon. Join us, and defile your very soul!

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