Friday, October 29, 2010

Exhibit #44: Kvlt Blacktails & Black Metal Album Sides

The poison of unlight, its misanthropic clouds swollen with cold hatred, gathers in the northern darkness... waiting on Satan's call to descend and entomb South City, in particular that woefully joyful bar at the corner of Juniata and Kingshighway. It will infect the Cocktail Museum this Helloween armed with icy shakers of doom, Hellthorne strainers, sacrificial cups of wrath, and a stack of old-school black metal records. The winterdemons shall be merciful to early dinner guests, spinning the light and dulcet tones of Black Sabbath, old Alice Cooper, Pentagram, Witchcraft, Venom, Mercyful Fate and other such balladeers. But as midnight beckons us to cavort naked under the full moon covered in the blood of missionaries, we shall unleash Hellhammer, Bathory, Darkthrone, Burzum, and their necro-spawn.

To accompany these demonic incantations to the end of human infection, we offer the following frozen, blackened spirits - possessed by demons both ancient and grim - to your worthless human palate:

Corpse Reviver no. 3 $9
Yeah, you wish, you dumb sonofabitch, but you're Satan's whore now. Drink the devil's blood and shut up. (cognac, Cointreau, Campari, lemon juice, up)

Dead Bastard $6
Kill yourself now, worthless human swill. A later variation of the Suffering Bastard, intended as a mighty hangover cure. (gin, cognac, bourbon, rum, lime juice, ginger beer, Angostura, and mint - tall and on the rocks)

Fallen Angel $7
Is there a more wonderful corruption? Only slightly less delicious than an angel's tears. (gin, lime juice, creme de menthe, Angostura, up)

Green Fizz $7
Just the morning pick-me-up a demon needs for a busy day of christian hunting. (gin, lemon juice, green menthe, soda, up. #30 in the 100 fizz countdown.)

Green Ghost $7
...and the sickness creeps into the monastery. (gin, green Chartreuse, lime juice, up)

Olympia Gold Cup $7
A little pagan influence will be tolerated. (cognac, Grand Marnier, champagne, up)

(Call of the) Wintersmoon Cocktail $8
Who knew Norwegian rippers Immortal were so inspired by old cocktails? Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism indeed! (Benedictine, Appleton 12yr rum, and lemon juice, with dashes of Grand Marnier and Angostura, up.)

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