Saturday, November 6, 2010

Exhibit #45: Goodbye Summer, says Don

I've written before about tiki pioneer Don the Beachcomber (1907-1989) and his great talent behind the bar. This last warm weekend seems like a good time to showcase a few more of his baroque, visionary drinks.

Caribbean Punch $10
Amber rum, sarsparilla, Falernum, lime juice, simple syrup, grenadine, Pernod, Angostura, and crushed ice. Consider this a double in terms of strength. And as can be said of many of Don's drinks, you'll never taste anything else quite like it!

Don's Beach Planter $7
Cane-based rum (Barbancourt 8yr), with a bit of dark Jamaican rum (Appleton 12yr) and cognac, pineapple and lime juices, passion fruit syrup, and dashes of Pernod and Angostura over crushed ice.

Missionary's Downfall $9
One of Don's most famous tipples, but rarely made due to difficulty and the necessity of a blender. Light rum (Matusalem Platino), peach brandy, honey, lime juice, crushed ice, and a good amount of diced pineapple and mint leaves. This drink has texture!

And 3 Fizzes (#'s 31-33) brought to you by the letter B:

Baltimore Bracer Fizz $7
Martell VSOP cognac, Marie Brizard Anisette liqueur, egg white, club soda, up.

Bayard Beauty Fizz $6
Old Tom gin with dashes of Maraschino liqueur, raspberry syrup and lemon juice, club soda, up.

Brandy Mint Fizz $7
Cognac (Remy VS), lemon juice, creme de cacao, creme de menthe, club soda, up.

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