Sunday, April 10, 2011

Exhibit #59: Seeing Double

This week's slate brings us drinks of two kinds: those with two or more base spirits and those with a spirit and port wine, or sometimes both approaches at once.

Overkill or sublime? We pour, you decide:

Between the Sheets $7
Equal parts cognac, light rum and Cointreau, with a half measure of lemon juice, up. A nice variation on the Sidecar.

Brain Duster $9
Equal parts rye whiskey, absinthe, red vermouth and a dash of Angostura, up. Certainly not the only billy-club-in-a-glass that late 19th century tipplers had at their disposal, but unlike the "Morning Cocktail" for instance (equal parts absinthe, rye and cognac), this one has no qualms about shouting its name from the rooftop.

Chancellor Cocktail $7
Blended scotch, port, dry vermouth, orange bitters, up.

Japanese Fizz $8
Rye whiskey, lemon juice, port, egg white, up. Number 42 in the Fizz countdown.

Runt's Ambition $8
Gin, light rum, rye whiskey, port, up. Sometimes a little guy just needs to bang his fist on the bar.

Saratoga Cocktail $9
The swaggering prince of the genre: top-shelf rye and cognac, Dolin rouge vermouth, Angostura bitters, up.

Suburban Cocktail $8
Rye whiskey with a bit of dark rum and port, and dashes of orange and Angostura bitters, up.

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