Friday, April 15, 2011

Exhibit #60: Crimean Cup à la Marmora

Crimean Cup à la Marmora $6
A recipe by "Soyer" via Jerry Thomas, 1862, likely encountered by JT during his tour of Europe - he was quite the celebrity. The difference between a punch and a cup are obscure and minor at this late date, so consider this a punch - we'll be serving it from the punch bowl in any case. Champagne, orgeat syrup (almond), club soda, cognac, Luxardo maraschino, dark Jamaican rum, lemon juice and sweet lemon oil.

The Crimean Cup à la Marmora honors the Italian general, Alfonso Ferrero, Cavaliere La Marmora, and his exploits in the Crimean War (1853-1856). La Marmora entered the service of the Sardinian army in 1823 and by 1848 was a revered and respected major. On August 5, 1848 he rescued King Charles Albert of Sardinia from a mob in Milan and his heroic actions led to being promoted to general and named as the Minister of War for the Piedmont-Sardinia kingdom. In his new role, he led the Sardinian armies in the Crimean War in which they joined France, England, and the remains of the Ottoman Empire against Russia. While war ravaged the people and region in which it was fought, until the Crimean War the folks back home were well insulated from most of the pain and suffering. This conflict, however, was the first to be documented as it happened with photographs and written reports rapidly distributed around the world. And perhaps beginning with this timely-at-the-time drink, a current political affair was commemorated in booze.

Between the Sheets $7
Equal parts cognac, light rum and Cointreau, with a half measure of lemon juice, up. A nice variation on the Sidecar.

Brain Duster $9
Equal parts rye whiskey, absinthe, red vermouth and a dash of Angostura, up. Certainly not the only billy-club-in-a-glass that late 19th century tipplers had at their disposal, but unlike the "Morning Cocktail" for instance (equal parts absinthe, rye and cognac), this one has no qualms about shouting its name from the rooftop.

Saratoga Cocktail $9
The swaggering prince of the genre: top-shelf rye and cognac, Dolin rouge vermouth, Angostura bitters, up.

Sloe Gin Fizz $8
Not the first and not the last time we've had this on offer, but I recently mixed one up with a rich demerara syrup instead of regular simple syrup and added a lemon twist and the result was pretty magical, with the demerara bringing some smokiness and the twist adding a clear top note. Bitter Truth authentic sloe gin, lemon juice, demerara syrup, club soda, up with a twist.

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