Friday, April 22, 2011

Exhibit #61: Egg-stravaganza II

It's that time...Easter bunny time...time to break out the eggs, and lots of them. Our second annual Easter Cocktail Museum will focus exclusively on the incredible, drinkable egg.

Some things to know: eggs do not add flavor to a drink, nor do they make them slimy. More often they add a silky texture while melding and softening the flavors of the other ingredients. Fear not!

Also important - please note that we will be closed during the day for Easter, but will open for dinner at 5:30.

Baltimore Egg Nogg $6.50
The same one we served in the fall, now at the very mellow 9 month mark. Cognac, rum, madeira wine, eggs, milk, cream, sugar, nutmeg.

Mr. Hunt's Egg Nogg $6.50
The bourbon version of the above, 5 months old.

Bass Wyatt $8
Gin, Heering cherry liqueur, lemon juice, vanilla, orange bitters, whole egg, up with sugar rim.

The Booster $9
Top shelf cognac, a little Grand Marnier, egg white and nutmeg, up.

Cafe Kirsch Cocktail $7
Lightly sweetened cold coffee and kirschwasser (dry cherry brandy), egg white, up.

Egg Milk Punch $8
Cognac, milk, a whole egg, and a little rum and sugar, up.

Morning Glory Fizz $8
Dewar's scotch, lemon and lime juices, sugar, a little absinthe, egg white, club soda, up.

Stout Punch $10
This was a big hit last year, so let's have at it again. Imperial Stout (Old Rasputin), condensed milk, a whole egg, cinnamon and nutmeg, up. Served in pint glass, or may be split between two or three people.

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