Sunday, December 11, 2011

Exhibit #88: Drinks. By Bill Edwards.

I was recently fortunate enough to borrow a copy of Bill Edwards’ 1936 cocktail book “Drinks – How to Make Them and How to Serve Them.” After some tedious comparative research I have uncovered those recipes that seem to be unique to the book. Like many books published after Prohibition, it borrows heavily from Harry Craddock’s Savoy book, but also cribs a good deal from the Café Royal book. Nonetheless, I’ve uncovered some interesting tipples, and we will present these tonight and next week for our final exhibits of 2011. (n.b.-The Royale will be closed on Christmas and New Years’ Day… we will return January 8 with a best-of 2011 menu)

Adam Cocktail $7
2 parts navy strength funky Jamaica rum (Smith & Cross) to one part each lemon juice and pomegranate syrup, up.

Gloom Raiser $9
A 2:1 Martini with dashes of absinthe and grenadine, up. Note that the name is not Gloom Lifter or Gloom Chaser, so we will accordingly pour the 110 proof saffron-infused Old Raj to be true to its name.

Hollander Cocktail $7
Apricot liqueur, white grape juice, and oude genever gin in a 4:2:1 ratio, up.

New Brunswick $7
2 parts scotch whisky to one part each lemon juice and maple syrup, up.

Puritan Cocktail $8
Plymouth gin, dry vermouth, yellow Chartreuse, orange bitters, up. Get yr herbs on!

Rising Sun $8
Cognac, orange curacao, pineapple juice, with dashes of Angostura and grenadine, up.

Sleepy Time Gal $6.50
Here’s the tell that Edwards must have come up during Prohibition – this drink is more about making the liquor passable than showcasing its flavors: dry gin with lime, orange, and white grape juices, up.

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