Saturday, December 17, 2011

Exhibit #89: Edwards part II

For our last menu of 2011, we continue with some of the more unique and unusual drinks from Bill Edwards’ 1936 cocktail book “Drinks – How to Make Them and How to Serve Them.”

The next two Sundays fall on Christmas and New Years’ Day, for which the Royale will be closed. The Museum will reopen Sunday January 8 with a big slate of 2011’s most loved cocktails.

Andy Cocktail $7
Equal parts Martell VSOP cognac and Carpano Antica vermouth, with dashes of Angostura and absinthe, up.

Canvasback $9
Scotch (Johnnie Walker Double Black), Carpano Antica, Old Raj dry gin, lemon juice, with a bit of Grand Marnier and several dashes of Angostura, up. Herbs and smoke!

Carry On $9
Green Chartreuse and Carpano Antica with a little bit of dry gin and lemon juice, up.

Le Roi $11
In the book this is printed as “Leroi,” but given the ingredients’ French and decidedly imperial nature, I’m thinking that was a misprint, because this one certainly deserves to be called “The King”: Martell VSOP cognac, Bitter Truth sloeberry gin, Grand Marnier, pomegranate syrup, cream, a little lemon juice and an egg yolk, up.

Navy Cocktail $6
Light rum, red vermouth, orange juice, Angostura bitters, up. (3:1:1)

Sibby’s Special $9
This drink includes not only a long ingredient list, but also decidedly non-classical proportions, which leads me to speculate that “Sibby” tinkered a good bit with this at home, then introduced it to Edwards. Jamaican rum, a little dry gin, red and dry vermouths, Cointreau, lime juice, orgeat and lime syrups, up.

For those keeping score out of state, here's how I am translating the rather involved recipe - proportions intact: 1 2/3 oz Appleton V/X, 1/2 oz Beefeater 24, 1/4 oz each Dolin red & dry vermouths, t. Cointreau, 2 t. lime juice, 2.5 t. lime syrup, 2.5 t. orgeat.

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