Saturday, July 21, 2012

Exhibit #106: Port & Summer Curiosities

Happy Days Cocktail $7
It’s been too long since we’ve had a proper gin-based cocktail on our menu, so here’s a nice summery one: dry gin, Lillet blanc, Van der Hum tangerine liqueur, lemon juice, and peach bitters, up. (4:3:2:1) By British barman E.L. Horton, 1920s.

Jap Fizz $9
Equal parts rye whiskey and port, lemon juice, sugar, egg white, club soda, up. This dates from the late 19th century Old Waldorf bar, so I’m not entirely certain what was going on with the name, but feel compelled to print it as given in the recipe. #67 in the fizz countdown.

El Morocco $8
Cognac, port, pineapple and lime juices, pomegranate syrup, Grand Marnier, up. From Charles H. Baker, Jr., who collected it from a friend vacationing in Tangier in the 1930s.

My Hope $7
2 parts cognac (Martell VSOP) to one part port, bitters, and cayenne pepper, neat. Really not a summer drink at all, instead it conjures a darkened drawing room with lots of wood and ancient leather chairs. But it sits so squarely in the Sunday night wheelhouse, we had to include it. By William Schmidt, late 19th century.

The Reliever $9
2 parts Jamaica rum to one part port, lemon juice, sugar, egg white, up. This is another from “the Only William.”

Rum Julep $11

3 parts demerara rum (El Dorado 12yr) to 1 part dark Jamaica, lime and orange juices, honey, pomegranate syrup, allspice dram, falernum, Angostura, crushed ice. An early Don the Beachcomber work, and a julep only in so far as it was served in a julep cup, although it does get a mint garnish.

Toreador $8
Cazadores reposado tequila, apricot liqueur, lime juice, up. A parallel universe Margarita, with apricot stepping in for triple sec. However… the Margarita was not yet a common drink, and most certainly not in early 20th century England, where this was concocted. I’m not sure if the name refers to bullfighting, the song from Bizet’s Carmen, or the very successful turn-of-the-century musical. Most likely the show - it was very common practice to create cocktails to commemorate successful productions.

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